CD Presentations /CD Profile

CD Presentations /CD Profile

If the medium is the message then nothing beats the audio-visual impact afforded by a multimedia experience.

Multimedia outweighs the paper medium in many aspects. Not only does it provide greater impact by combining video, animation, graphics and sound but also conveys a lot more information than what you can put down on paper – all in one compact disc! Its non-linearity means customers can zone in on the sections they would want to as opposed to turning every page to get there. You can even let your audience interact with the presentation and customise it on the fly as per their preference.

You can profile your company, team, products and even customers using a high impact and captive medium: Multimedia CD’s.

Multimedia CD’s will carry your corporate or product message and can even serve as a business card CD’s. It can be an attractive leave behind after an important business presentations. And, you will look a whole lot smarter than the competition!

Building on our creative and technical excellence we use some of the latest technologies to produce high quality, high impact presentations. What’s more
they could be made interactive to engage your customer or even to learn more about them so that you can tailor your products and services to their needs.

We take charge of the entire process from presentation design to CD label and packaging design to printing to duplication.

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